Sunday, August 30, 2015

Mini Day Out

Not a great turnout but okay considering it's summer and we had a club all-day workshop last week!

I had painted my lamp roombox on Friday night with white cottage paint so was able to varnish it with a matte finish first thing Saturday morning. After a little problem with the lighting unit, was able to get it attached.

Then I had that "AHA" moment we all love. I've been thinking lately that I almost needed to do another art gallery to use up the rest of the art that's in my stash. So I went back to the suite and grabbed a bunch of stuff from my Art bulletin board.

And here's what I ended up with....Pictures need to be hung and other tweaks made but think this will work.

Can even leave the insert white!

Rosalle brought in some of the great new afghans she has been crocheting for the Show and Sale. I bought a couple already at our club garage sale in June and Lucille and Tina bought some at Mini Day Out.

Cheryl S. is one of our newest members (and new to minis). This is her wonderful take on the past year's shop project. She may be a newbie but her work is absolutely incredible!

Her coffin shelving unit.

Her chair!

Lucille was working on a 1:48 barber shop.

Tina tested her abilities to see how small she could make this basket! Wow - fits on the end of her finger! (She says she won't be making another one!)

Inger worked on a great slide show of last year's Show and Sale that she plans on having ready for the Show and Sale this year. Great job!

Joanne brought some printies to work on but ran into a glitch :-(. Marg was late so I didn't get pictures of the two dolls she was working on. Which is a big shame because they were beautiful.

It was a great day. Lots of fun, laughter and shared ideas.


  1. Hi Maureen! I think that your art gallery was a Terrific Idea! The light above really showcases the art installations below. Very clean and effective. I find the"Creepy" store is full of clever ideas too! Cheryl's skeleton chair and the coffin bookshelf are quite amusing. Roselle's afghans look good and I also like Lucille's tiny barber shop. Tina's supermini baskets would have me going cross-eyed so it is no wonder that she says that she won't make another!
    Well done Everybody! :D


    1. Thanks Elizabeth. I'm thinking about doing the pedestals in black marble (something I've never done before and a bit hesitant about) but I think it would keep the (mostly) black/white theme.
      I am still blown away by Cheryl's 'Creepy' store. For someone who has only done minis for two years, her work is beyond words.
      We're so lucky to have these people in our club!