Wednesday, August 19, 2015

For Chris

Chris, the picture I shared yesterday was sized to send by e-mail and I couldn't enlarge it without distorting it.

 But I do have these pictures of Patricia's room.

Haven't decided what to do with mine (I've bought three of the lamps) so need to come up with some great ideas.

The room is 9 3/8" x 6 3/8" so I'll have to ponder this a lot.

Had this bedroom furniture that I got at Amber's storage unit sale. It is beautifully made and quite lovely but unfortunately it's too big :-(

Love this desk! Lots of room for some of my Barbara Brear books and and great glassware, etc.

Or, I still have one lit Christmas tree left so I could do another Christmas scene.
Have to think on it. And take another look through my stash to check out other possibilities. REALLY want to use up some of my stash - particularly things that I love but that I have no special plans for. Like this display table that I bought years ago and have never found the right spot for.

Yesterday, Joanne and I met June and Carol for lunch before they went to a class at Paint for Joy, then checked out Michael's looking for some striped paper for Joanne's flower shop. No luck. But we did find a bunch of lamp shades at Home Sense that will work for for the lamp roomboxes. Unfortunately, I thought they were too tall so didn't pick one up. I was wrong so have to get back there and pick them up.

Then we spent the evening at Tina's with the quarter scale group. I don't normally go as I don't do 1:48 at all but it was a great time visiting and sharing stories.

Today, went to coffee club and did some condo things.

Tomorrow, Joanne and I have a STARFest meeting in the morning and I have our potluck dinner in the evening.

Friday, I'm volunteering in Leanne's classroom. Even get dinner out of that one.

Saturday is a MEE all-day workshop on doll wigging. I didn't do any dolls but I'll attend the workshop and hopefully get my lamp roombox done.

So it may be awhile before I get back to you.

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  1. hi, that's ok It sure looked interesting Pat's room is adorable!! :)