Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Where has the time flown?

Oh, my, goodness! It's been three weeks since I posted - and about that long since I've done anything mini!

I've been rabbit/house sitting for Leanne and Rob while they're visiting Germany with his family and it has been a real stay-cation! Although I brought a box of minis (including the attic itself) to work on, didn't even open this box until this afternoon. Just reading and watching Netflix!

This afternoon I did open the box, thinking I better do something! It's an even smaller baby step than last time but I did get ONE thing done.

I bought this wheelchair at Bowmanville a year and a half ago. It was grey so I spray painted it black...and there it sat.

So this afternoon, I got out my fine tip Pilot pen and added touches of chrome to it.
But I'm afraid that's all I accomplished. Pretty sad state of affairs. This attic is NOT going to be done before Sean, Julie and the grands arrive at the end of the month.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

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