Thursday, July 30, 2015

HOME!! At last!!

Well, actually, I got home on Tuesday but have been on the go ever since. DS Sean, DDIL Julie and the grands arrive on Saturday and am trying to get ready for that.

Here are a couple pictures of Columbus. He was SO excited on Monday when they came home!

Unfortunately, this is as far as I got with the shingling. I had hoped to get the attic itself finished to send home with Sean and Julie. But even if I do get it finished, the plexiglass piece for the front has gotten lost somewhere in my workroom. Unless it shows up, the whole thing will have to be delivered in October when I next go to Ontario.
 This is the template I used for the shingles. I've made another for the right hand side. The edges still need to be trimmed.

Leanne and Robert really enjoyed their trip. They spent a lot of time with family, of course, and took a trip to the Czech Republic to see Rob's Dad's home town. Took two trips on the Danube, visited (and blew some of their own) glassmakers, saw incredible cathedrals, castles, a monastery and a silver mine. Haven't seen Rob's pictures yet but did see Leanne's on Monday night.

Leanne brought Joanne a little snowman, a geode and some postcards (one is laser cut on wood).

She brought me the Reutter plate and stein, a snowman, the ladybugs (about 1.5x RL - think I may make earrings from them), a geode and these incredible shears! They're actually pruning shears but they'll be good for working in miniature. And they're an incredible fit in  my hand!

Will finally get to see Joanne for lunch tomorrow! Have a bit of condo business to take care of then hope I'll finally be ready for company on Saturday.

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