Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Baby steps...

I bought this for the attic a couple years ago in Bowmanville but I need it to be white. Didn't want to dig out my spray painting frame and didn't think I had any white spray paint (only cream). Turns out I did have white paint but seemed like an awfully big effort for such a little piece.

One of the things Vern bought just before we were married in 1972 was a set of cookware from Imperial Oil. The paint has worn off but still use them.

Had these but they would have to be painted inside and out:
So went with these...

Was sitting reading last night and had an "Aha" moment. Took three coats of white nail polish but am thrilled with the coffee maker. And a bit of red nail polish and I had my pans!

Some years ago, when Vern returned from visiting DD Leanne in Dallas, TX, he brought home a set of Corelle dishes in the Shadow Iris pattern. I found a plate online, resized the image and printed it on photo paper.

TIP: When cutting something circular like these plates, (1) use manicure scissors and (2) move the paper, not the scissors.

Once the plates were cut, I centred a dime on top of the plate and gently formed the lip of the plate.

Not a huge start but I'm pleased that I finally got something done!

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  1. Nothing like having nail polish at your fingertips to use for a variety of mini projects!
    Your coffee maker looks Great, as do the pots and the dishes. And using a dime to get the correct flange is a Terrific Tip.... Thanks Maureen! :D