Friday, June 19, 2015

Oriental vignette - or why my stash is SO big!

You may recall my telling you about how much 'stuff' I had left over after I finished my Christmas shop....probably a half cubic foot of things (or enough to make at least one more shop LOL). And it all went back into my stash.

YEARS ago I decided to make an oriental room. I had nothing specific in mind so just started collecting for it. Originally, it was to have gone into a regular roombox (roughly 15"w x 10"h x 11"d) until I found this great lamp with oriental lines at a garage sale in Bowden, AB.

I love it. The container is really perfect and the contents are quite understated.

BUT, as with the Christmas shop, I had a lot of stuff left over.

The ginger jars are too big but the others have possibilities.

Some GREAT things!

Love the table and chairs - and the bowls!

Some great pieces here, too!

These are RL size but the slats can be used to build furniture.

Thought the fabric could be used as wallpaper
I ended up giving this all to my upstairs friend, Barb R., who thought she might do an oriental room for one of her daughters. Well, the other day, she changed her mind about that and returned everything to me. in case I wanted to sell some of it at our MEE garage sale next week.

I do have a lot of things for the garage sale this year but don't think that the oriental things will become part of them. I'll just stick them in the shoebox marked 'Oriental room" and tuck them away. There's enough there for a great oriental room!

And that's how my stash just grows and grows!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

DS Carol and DBIL Fred will be here tomorrow so hope to spend some time with them.


  1. I have an Asian room in the plans one of these days.

  2. You have a lot of great items so I can imagine your creativity flowing. I love all the oriental pieces so yeah, keep them.