Monday, June 1, 2015

Even more Christmas!

When we got together at Shirley and Grahame's for dinner on Sunday, Marie had an apple box of Christmas decorations for us to go through. I was able to say 'no' to most but have to admit that I couldn't resist a few of them!

These little bears are 2" tall. Thought I'd take them in case I ever decide to do another "Teddy Bears' Picnic". The ballet shoes are 3 1/2" tall and we all decided that they had to go to DGD Holly who is taking ballet lessons.

Love this 4" tall castle from my stash! When you pull out the drawer, the ballet dancer performs. This is also for Holly.

When we saw these in the ziploc bags, we originally thought they were necklaces but they're spiral tree ornaments. The gold spirals on the right are 3/4". I think they will make wonderful lamp bases. Another addition to my bead boxes - as if I needed more!?!

Back to the cheese pins from my last post. I separated the bases from the trays using my hair dryer. The bases have a spike that fits into the trays (on the left|) but it can be clipped off (on the right). The trays are 2" in diameter so they really are Barbie size (1:6) which is disappointing. Thought that the bases might work in 1:48 but they're 1" tall. If  you clipped off the legs, the tops are 1 1/2" in diameter which would be 6' in 1:48. Just don't think it would work.
Might work in 1:24 but no one in our club works in that scale.

Guess I'll just separate them all and donate them to the Children's Grab Bags at the Show and Sale.

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