Sunday, April 12, 2015

Trip to Calgary

A group of eight of us from the miniature club joined the Edmonton Doll Club on their bus to Calgary to attend the Doll Show put on by the Calgary Doll Club. Took these pictures of the display at the front of the room. Was especially nice to see all the dollhouses!

Love this display - especially the roller skates on the carhop!

Lovely kitchen cabinet.

Marilyn Akazawa's winning entry in N.A.M.E.'s Hallmark ornament contest. Marilyn is a former member of MEE and is now with the Calgary Doll Club.

I'm wondering if this is a Lundby?

Great book!

Lovely piece - shown open

The front

I succumbed to this wonderful Shari Lewis's "Lambchop" puppet. She even whispers in your ear!
Was pleasantly surprised to find a couple dealers who also had some miniatures. Bought all of these from one lovely young lady.

What a wonderful little sewing machine - for only $1.00

Keep telling myself not to buy anymore electrical lights but couldn't resist this one.
Got this great leather jacket from another dealer. Have no idea what I'll do with it but just couldn't resist for $7.

Before we entered the show, I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by follower, Dianne, whom I met at our Edmonton Show and Sale last year. Joanne and I had a wonderful talk with her about the closing of Victoria Miniland storefront and the upcoming show and sale here in September. Just a reminder that Alex's website is still open and he will be here in September!

After the doll show, we continued on to the antique mall in Airdrie. Didn't really see anything that called out to me but did take a whole slew of pictures of vintage radios. Joanne is in the planning stages of a radio shop so this will give her lots of ideas. And me, too, as I can possibly make some for her.

Just as we entered, there was a box of cutlery and I found 7 pieces of the Adam pattern that I just couldn't resist picking up for myself.

Years ago (even before minis), I used to go to auction sales. In a box of 'junk', I found about 15 pieces of this pattern. Shortly afterward, I saw a silver chest with 100 pieces at an antique show at Village Tree Mall for $100. Couldn't afford it at the time but that Christmas Vern surprised me with it at Christmas! A few years after that, my parents surprised me with six more place settings and the carving set!

Don't know why I bothered getting the new pieces. I seldom, if ever, entertain any more on this scale and the children probably won't want the stuff down the road. Nonetheless, I like it and it has a lot of good memories.


  1. Everything looks so cute. The love and talent show through.

  2. Hi

    Looks as a fine experience.
    The DH you`re wondering about.....Yes, it`s a Swedish Lundby DH

    I`m going to the largest Miniature Fair in Denmark on April 25th and 26th so I`m looking forward to a fine experience like your`s. But also I`m aware and scared of the big amount of money, which will surely leaving my
    purse.... Like the other years vising the Fair.

    Take care dear friend.

    SUS, Denmark

    1. Sus,
      Hope you have a wonderful time at the Miniature Fair! May the money flowing out equal the joy flowing in from your purchases!
      Love, Maureen

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Dear Maureen
      You`re so sweet.
      I`ll let you know about the Fair and the items bought.

      Have a fine W/E

      Big hugs SUS