Thursday, April 16, 2015

Off Topic - Volunteering

Most people that I know volunteer in one way or another. Some give their time to groups they belong to, some give their time to their children's schools, others give their time to various community groups, and some give skills to fundraisers.

We do it because we want to give back to our communities in some way. We don't expect any recognition for our work other than the good feeling that we get from helping out in some small way.

But it is nice when what we do is recognized by our community as a whole.

So I was thrilled when my dear friend, Joanne, was nominated for Volunteer of the Year for the City of St. Albert....then made the short list!

She is most deserving of the nomination with her involvement with Friends of the Library, STARFest, and Children's Festival,  (Hers is the last name in the article so you need to scroll down.)

She was instrumental in the interactive dollhouse that the Miniaturist Enthusiasts of Edmonton donated to the St. Albert Public Library and  she is co-chair of MEE's Show and Sale Committee.

I'm SO proud that she is my friend.

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