Sunday, April 26, 2015

Club meeting on Tuesday and All Day Workshop on Saturday

MEE's general meeting was last Tuesday. Jennifer of Little Day Miniatures attended and discussed the workshop in June when she'll be teaching us to make licorice allsorts. Really looking forward to that.

Tina, Lucille and Erika had attended Chicago International and brought in some of their goodies for Show and Tell

beautiful dish of baked dainties and a copper coffee urn

Jane Graber pottery, spools of thread and more baked goodies. The black chest in the back was made in a class with Alice Zinn.

Tina bought this for her quilt shop.

Erika's toddler doll with the broken teddy bear

tree of dolls!

Erika bought this great chandelier! Non-electric but possible to put a bulb in it. She understands it was done with a 3-D printer.

Saturday was our spring All Day Workshop. Lucille, Tina and Sunni taught doll costuming. Barb, Joanne and I weren't working on dolls but took other things to work on. A great, very productive day!

Corinne, a member from Calgary, came up for the day and worked with her sister, Judi.

Poor Lucille was so busy helping everyone she didn't get much done on her own projects.

Theresa is using shop towelling to check her pattern for size.

Trineke's off to a good start with her teenager.

Debbie's solder's uniform is coming together.

Barb' S.'s German gentleman is waiting for his clothes.

Theresa is very ambitious with her family of five.

Lorry has a Marilyn Akazawa doll in the box waiting to be wigged and another just started.

Barb R. worked on hats and gloves for her shop.

Joanne got the base for this year's project all tiled and ready to be grouted.

Sunni brought in these dolls for examples.
Unfortunately, Jillian had to leave before I got a picture of her doll and I didn't get pictures of Sunni's and Erika's projects.

I was looking for an easy, portable project so I took some wood and made the shelving for Vern's attic. I was planning on doing a tutorial on this but got ahead of the pictures so I'm afraid that didn't happen.

Cut the shelves from basswood.

Had just enough strip wood to cut the uprights for the frame.

Then I had to cut more basswood to make the crosspieces.

The finished shelving unit.

And here it is in place in the unfinished attic.

Made a box of milk bones and a Tim Horton's cup.
Have to finish the inside and shingle the roof then I can start filling it up.

It was a wonderful day.


  1. Hi Maureen! What lovely miniatures from the Chicago Show and how nice to be able to see them in person in your club meeting! :D ONE DAY I HOPE to go there myself. :D
    I love the shelf unit that you have made for your attic! What a Perfect Fit! :))


    1. Chicago is the most incredible Show to attend. I was lucky enough to go to it a couple years ago. Hope you can make it one day!
      Hope the shelf unit will get me working on finishing the attic. Great story there that needs to be told.

  2. I was looking forward to attending one of your club meetings with the Edmonton doll club, but alas, I realized that it collides with my trip to Britain to attend The Kensington Dollhouse Festival, so I will still be doing minis that day but there instead of here. I can't wait to hear what story your attic has to tell.

    1. So glad you're attending Kensington. Hope to get there next year myself. I'm on McKenney Drive so maybe we can get in touch when you get home again.

  3. Both you and the ladies are creative and skilled.

    Erikas Chandelier is absolutely gorgeous...Any poss. to get info. of dealer and price, please?

    Tjek your emails please

    1. Have replied to you personally.