Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hope this helps me get something done....

Yesterday I bought some audio books in the hope that I would actually work on minis while reading. 

This morning I moved the project back out to the living room and worked on a few things.

While I was working I set up the computer to print out five more copies of The Book as I have only my personal copy left.

I started working on a sink cabinet for the bathroom. I started with the bottom portion of a Michaels hutch. (A bit of heat from the hair dryer and a bit of brute strength and the top just popped off.) 

Popped off the wooden handles and sanded the entire piece, especially the top.

Cut a strip of the marble tile paper for the top of the vanity.

Painted the vanity white with a top coat of matte varnish, added the marble top and clamped it in place using a piece of wood to keep it in place.

Still needs new handles on the doors, a sink and taps. 
This will become the sink. 

It is starting to come together. Vanity needs to be finished with sink and taps, have handles to match the corner cabinet; the corner cabinet (which will hold towels and toiletries) needs to be painted white and I want a medicine cabinet (maybe) and a mirror above the vanity....and lights!....and towel racks....and....

Have pulled out a few things to go on the vanity in the bedroom:
Got this lovely piece from a mother and son team at Chicago International.

I got this delightful little jewellery box from Amber when she sold off the contents of a storage unit she had bought at auction. It is signed Gathering 2004 J. (?) B.

Equally nice inside.

The Chrysnbon Victorian Dresser set and my silver Pilot pens.

Did up the picture frame, comb, mirror and brush with a silver pen. No decision  yet on how to finish the small case.
I was a bit disappointed with the mirror and brush backs so I added some rhinestones from this:
These are meant for decorating cell phones, etc..
Finished printing The Book so also have to get it collated and bound tomorrow and get at least one copy in the mail to a friend who is going through a rough patch.

Shoot! This took way longer than I expected so it probably will not arrive until Monday night instead of tonight. Hard to tell but 7:30 - 8:00 p.m. seems to be the deadline for same day notification.

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