Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A long evening - but still not mini!

My BIG task tonight was to clean up the inbox on my computer! And what a job it was!

Now that I have the tablet, I read everything there but generally leave things to reply to or deal with later on my PC. Somehow I ended up with (I think) well over 400 items to deal with. Most were things that I  wanted to check out as links (somehow things from my Yahoo groups when I get them as digests don't show up as links on my tablet) or things I wanted to save for The Book.

(I did bind the four remaining copies of The Book tonight then finally put the binding machine away!)

Added 23 pages to The Book for 2015...and still have a couple that I didn't quite get around to adding.

Plus moving all the condo-related business to its folder.

Just have to tackle cleaning up the Sent folder on the PC and clean up the tablet and I can relax.

While I'm on a non-mini streak, must mention this. I was watching PBS on, I think, Sunday afternoon and saw this incredible show on the Dave Clark Five. Two solid hours (no pledge breaks LOL): the first hour was on the band itself and the second was more about Dave Clark himself and his business acument, particularly his purchase of the tapes of the British show "Ready, Set, Go" when it went off the air. Lots of wonderful clips from that. Couldn't find it on youtube but keep an eye open on PBS for it.

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