Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tidying things up a bit....

To be quite honest, I haven't done much around here lately.

The one thing I did was to move the detective's office and bar from my workroom into the living room. That was sort of great as it's some of my best work and it has been 'hidden' in my workroom.

Tonight (Sunday), I spent some time going through the three boxes that still need to be sorted and put on the bulletin boards. Found some things for the three room roombox and got a few things put where they should be (mostly beads and fabric).

I did find four old lighters which I took apart for easier storage. The round parts (below) make great reels for fishing rods. The springs (which are much finer than the springs from ballpoint pens) would be great for doors.

DS Marie and BIL Rob arrived home from Cuba yesterday and hopefully they will be here for breakfast in the morning. That depends on the weather forecast for their trip home to Peace River.

1 comment:

  1. What a Great Idea for the fishing reels! I have looked at old lighters every which way to Sunday and never would have thought of that! :D