Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The bathtub 2

These are the store fixtures that Barb S. taught at our club workshop last night. Very nice and great for making sure everything is visible on them!

I used the rough surround from Monday as a guide to cutting out the tub surround from the green marble cardstock. I used a stylus to mark the fold lines. This time I added a 1/4" fold around the bottom to make the sides more sturdy. I cut the stairs a bit more narrow but forgot to add two rows of tile there so had to cut them separately and glue them to the 1/4" fold at the bottom of the stair.
 Here the ends of the side pieces are being folded in and glued to the end piece.

 Cut this section with 1/4" all around. Folded the1/4" in to fit under the stairs and out to fit into the rest of the bathroom surround. Below is the same section for the other side of the stairs.

 Here I've glued all the corners and secured them with binder clips.

Adding the 1/4" to for a bottom ledge worked very well to give added strength to the structure so I don't think I'll have to add any wood inside.

Someone asked me at club last night what I used for the bathtub itself. I had forgotten exactly what it was so looked it up. You can see it here.

The tub is now inset. You can see where the cardstock has split on the folds so I will take a black marker (fortunately all the folds are on the grout lines) and cover the white marks.
 Here it is now that the marker has covered up the white marks.

Still have to add faucets and a handrail on one side of the steps. I have a couple faucets but really would prefer a single tap that mixes the water. I picked up this shower at the Dallas Show about ten years ago. It's 1:16 scale so I've never found a place to use it.

So I'm thinking I might use the plumbing for the tub. It would be good to have a hand-held shower head for shampooing hair.

Will sleep on the idea.


  1. the tub looks great Maureen. Well done with the tiles too! I will be looking forward to seeing what you decide about re-purposing the shower hardware.
    Or if you will make your own.


  2. Thanks so much Elisabeth. Still have not decided about the hardware. Just have to wait and see.