Friday, February 13, 2015

Some progress on the lingerie chest

I took all the drawers, one at a time,  and sanded them down (held them top down and rubbed against the sandpaper) until each one fit in the appropriate slot in the carcass. (With a pencil, I numbered each drawer on the bottom from 1 to 9.)

I taped the drawer fronts together then put them in my gluing jig with a scrap piece of wood so the edge off the fronts was fractionally over the edge of the jig. Then I sanded the edges until the fronts fit in the carcass.

With the tape still in place I marked the spots for drilling the holes for the drawer hardware.

Forgot to take a picture but I confirmed that the holes were in the right places for the hardware.

Then, one at a time, I sanded the drawer fronts to fit and glued them to the drawers.

Here is the carcass with the first coat of paint.

The carcass still  needs another coat of paint and two coats of matte varnish (being sanded with brown paper between coats).

The drawer fronts also need to be painted and varnished then the hardware can be added.

So tomorrow I should have the finished piece ready to show you.

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