Monday, February 2, 2015

Night stand finished

This post will not go out until Tuesday (had an emergency board meeting tonight) but I did accomplish a bit today.

Since I did not have the instructions for the kit, I dry-fitted the carcass to make sure I knew how it went together, then glued it all together.

Made the drawers, added the feet then painted with two coats of white acrylic and two coats of matte varnish (sanding with brown paper between coats, then added the handles. (The drawers had to be sanded down to fit.)

Here it is in place:

Found this lamp in my stash (bought it from someone who was downsizing at our Show and Sale a couple years ago)

It has been interesting working the last week as I am working on one thing at a time and putting everything away after I finish each item. Do not think this will be something that I can (or will) keep up but I must admit that it is kind of nice to have the place looking tidy most of the time.

Even my workroom looks pretty good still.


  1. 2015 looks great on you! The little night stand is perfect for the room. I am proud of you for keeping your space so neat. I am still struggling so I need to see things like this to encourage me. Thanks!

  2. Oh, shoot, Grandmommy...
    Thanks for saying 2015 looks good on me - I love that expression! I love that my area looks so neat SO far but I hate that I am not getting any mini work done at the expense of keeping my workspace so I have to figure out what the balance will be for me.
    Hugs, Maureen

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