Saturday, February 21, 2015

Highlighting a Special Mini - Joanne's Vignette

Sometimes you have a special mini that needs its own setting.

My BFF Joanne bought a pair of skates from a friend of mine, JoAnn Shaw, on e-bay. They are absolutely, incredibly beautiful!

So great that Joanne knew they needed a display of their own. If they were in a roombox, perhaps, they would get lost in the picture.

Joanne had a small display globe she had bought from Liz last year. I had a hall rack that Cheryl had given me when I was in Nova Scotia the last time. I had a muff and hat that I thought might work.

So those things were the start! But they didn't work! The rack was perfect but the muff and hat didn't work. Joanne found the bag on the base in her stash - it was one of the first minis she ever purchased! The purse was also from  her stash. The sweater was made from a sock and she knit the scarf using embroidery floss. (She has a wonderful story about starting the scarf on nails! I took pity and lent her a pair of knitting needles for the final scarf.) After several hours and tries that didn't quite make it, she made the earmuffs.

What a lovely little vignette that shows off the figure skates! And with the globe added, dust free!

JoAnn Shaw currently has some of her work (backpacks, inlaid tables, men's skates and sandals) on e-bay.

DS Marie called me on Thursday and asked if my apartment was still clean. I could honestly say that it was (after over four weeks). She asked how I did it and I replied that when all I do is lay on the couch and read all the time, it doesn't get messy! LOL

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