Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Frustrated with the kit....

I LOVE House of Miniatures and Houseworks Signature Series kits. And I have had incredible success putting them together!

BUT this one is giving me problems. The carcass of the lingerie case went together well...everything fit together beautifully. However, the drawers are a different story.

So far, so good.

Each of the drawer sections.

The drawers put together.
The drawer fronts:

So I dry-fitted (or attempted to) the drawers. They are too tall and need to be sanded down about 1 mm.

Then checked out the drawer fronts. They are about 1 mm too wide! And I cannot drill the holes to attach the hardware until they are the right size.

So I need to make the drawer fronts the correct size, attach the hardware so it is centred, and attach the fronts to the drawers. (The bottom drawer is quite a bit less deep than the others so have to keep that in mind.)

I love a well made kit and am SO disappointed in this one.

But it will come together at some point. I will paint and varnish the carcass tonight then worry about the drawers tomorrow.

I am trying to figure out how to trim the drawer fronts properly then centre the hardware.

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