Sunday, February 15, 2015

Didn't take as long as I thought it would!

Got the drawers sanded and in place:

The flowers are some that I picked up at the Edmonton Doll Show two years ago. Unsigned.
When Joanne and I were looking for something in the unsorted shoeboxes, I came across some pieces of china from my last trip to Nova Scotia that I want to use in the sitting room.

The coffee table was made by Shelley Acker of Nova Scotia.

This china cabinet is from my stash. The china is from Nova Scotia. (The cup is actually a moustache cup!)

The vase is by Janice Crawley but unsigned.

Looks pretty bare, doesn't it! First of all, I need to do more work on the wallpaper - it is not properly attached. I am really frustrated. Normally when I put up wallpaper, I carry the side wallpaper around the back a 1/2" so when the back sheet is added, the corners are fully covered. Darn it! Can't believe I didn't do that this time.

The focal point of the sitting room will be a fireplace on the back wall. Am thinking of a fireplace with built-in bookshelves on either side  and I'm pretty sure I'll do that.

I've ordered two wing chairs and two footstools from Liz during her January sale. They'll go on an area carpet on either side of the table. I need a different carpet but this one is the right size.

After I ordered the two wing chairs from Liz, I remembered that I had two House of Miniatures Chippendale Wing Chair kits.I could make those up with the emerald green silk I used for the bed cover in the bedroom to keep the green theme going across all three rooms.

Still have to think about that.

I have two corner chairs (which could be recovered in the green also) and a selection of desks (from which I'll choose one) to go in here. 

If I go with this desk, I won't need bookshelves on either side of the fireplace (or at least not as large).
 This desk is pretty small!
 As is this one....this one is a favourite as it has a certain resemblance to a desk that used to belong to Leanne.

I love this davenport desk by Penny Spence but it is very small.

I like this one too but, again, it is small.

On the other hand, this is a sitting room so maybe the room shouldn't be overpowered by the desk. Lots to think about!

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