Sunday, February 1, 2015

Bedroom stool

This is the House of Miniatures Chippendale Bench #40031.

I started with gluing the foam for the cushion to the silk with glue stick

 then glued the cardboard to the foam. (Ordinarily I would cut a piece of silk more exactly but I had this scrap that was close enough so used it.)

 Wrapped the silk and glued to the back of the seat cushion and cardboard.

I used parchment paper to keep the clamps from sticking to the glue.

I glued three of the sides in place with Weldbond. As you can see the short ends are a fraction too long so the fourth piece cannot be added until they are filed down.

 I clipped off the excess with this tool with is designed for clipping sprue off railway parts. It cuts flush. 

 Now the fourth side is glued in place.

The sharp edges of the legs all have to be rounded off.

For that, I used these sanding needles that I got at the Bowmanville Show a couple years ago. I actually started with an emery board then I remembered these which were perfect on these curves.

Oops! Initially forgot to take the pictures of the legs being glued in place. Had already started painting before I remembered.

 Painted the piece with white acrylic.

 Sanded it down with brown paper.

 Gave it two coats of white paint and two coats of J.W. Etc. clear matte varnish sanding with the brown paper after each coat.

Glued the seat in place.

 Clamped the seat down until the glue dried.

In front of the vanity. 

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