Tuesday, February 17, 2015

An idea for child leaving home...

Susanne in Denmark said she would like a roombox for her boys when they leave home. While a roombox is nice, I think that something smaller and wall-hanging is better. 

I made this for DD Leanne when she moved to Texas for two years. Don't recall where I got the box. (It's just under 12" tall and about  under 8" wide.)

Each section has little mementos of her life: 

1. YWCA pin (she was working for the YWCA) and sorority greek letters and symbol (angel)
2. map of Texas, cowboy boots, U.S.A. teapot
3. cornet (her instrument) and Beatles album (big fan!)
4. Mickey Mouse quilt (RL one was from her grandparents), Mickey Mouse hat
5. Mickey Mouse plate, scrapbook album with pictures
6. Million Bright Mornings poster, telephone (to keep in touch)
7. her Boston Celtics shirt
8. Picture of her and Rob, one of my mini books
9. Robert Munsch's "Love You Forever", her Goodnight Care Bear, an aquarium
10. family pictures
11. Christmas tree and wreath
12. Calla lily (her favourite flower)

This one is a bit more elaborate....but it had to cover a LOT more years! LOL! This was done for my mother for her 79th birthday. (The box was from Michael's but I haven't seen one like it there since.)


  1. great idea I have a friend who did something similar for her grown children!!

    1. Thanks Chris. I like that these don't take up much space but hold a lot of memories.