Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Some mini possibilities

I packed up the Put and Take in the building yesterday and found some interesting things:

On the upper left is one of the roughly 30 spinning top kits. Very thin red and green plastic pieces. Have absolutely no idea what I'll do with them but I'll ponder for awhile and take them to club and pass them around. Has to be something mini that can be done with them.

Below them is a small oval plastic container. Think it will make a good garbage can...or something!

The swizzle sticks on the right have great mini possibilities! The car would make a good hanging on a nursery/child's room. The ship would make a wonderful wall hanging - maybe done in bronze or copper? Not too sure about the woman on the far right but something somehow?

My friend, Jeanne, from upstairs invited me up to check out a tableful of Christmas things she was giving away. Picked up these pieces. Not too sure what I'll do with them but suspect that they'll make some nice table centrepieces for Meals on Wheels next Christmas.

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