Friday, January 23, 2015

Shopping, Starting All Over

On Thursday, Joanne and I went to Princess Auto so Joanne could get the parts drawer that was on sale.

30 Drawer Parts Storage Cabinet

Of course, we had to look around at everything! I found this drill which will be perfect for me to use with all the bits my neighbour, Tom, gave me.

Also picked up this hemostat which will come in handy.

Then we went to Costco. They put their food samples in this little black containers (which can be used as tubs) and are wonderful for glue and paints.

Starting all over:

First thing was to remove the light from the ceiling of the bedroom.
Fortunately, the Liquid Nails did not stick to the ceiling so there are only the screw holes to deal with.

 Then I put aside the roombox for now. I will go back to it when I have decided furniture and lighting placement. Then I can install the crown molding, baseboards, and lighting.

I have ordered two wing chairs and footstools from Liz at Grandpas Dollhouse for the sitting room. They will go on a small area rug in the centre of the room facing a fireplace - which I will make myself. Might build some shelves on either side of the fireplace but not sure about that yet. The door to the room will be on the fourth wall. There will not be a connecting door to the bedroom.

Then I will choose the rest of the furniture for the room from the pieces below:

These are the tentative pieces of furniture for the bedroom. The bed has to be dressed; the night stand needs to be made and painted white; and there is a Chippendale stool HOM kit that also needs to be made.

Most of the bathroom furniture and fixtures are undecided or unmade at this point. Will get back to those later.

There will be a faux connecting door between the bathroom and the bedroom.

Still not sure just what will be done with a closet.

Going out for most of the day tomorrow so may not get too much done.

Excuse me if the language is a bit stilted today - my apostrophe is not working at the moment. Hope I can fix it soon.

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  1. I love it when a miniaturist just says things like I will make the fireplace. That is the sign of a true crafter! Looking forward to seeing everything.