Tuesday, January 27, 2015

One way to get my rear in gear....

Because I have been concentrating so much on the workroom, the rest of the apartment needed a LOT of attention.

So I invited my DS Shirley, BIL Grahame and my Mom for dinner tonight. Got the kitchen, dining room and living room cleaned and dinner ready. Then I got a call from Shirley that she had been hit with a sudden migraine headache and had to cancel....so we changed our plans till tomorrow night.

Have a meeting tomorrow morning, coffee club in the afternoon and dinner tomorrow night so minis will probably take a back seat until Thursday.

Have a couple things to mention in the meantime:

I had this bedspread in my stash. I removed the white ribbon that had been threaded in it and have started replacing it with green.

Not sure if I like this or not....but it is a possibility!

Although I did order two wing chairs from Liz for the sitting room, I also have two House of Miniature wing chair kits in my stash. So thinking about possibly making up those using the green silk for upholstery.

With that in mind, I took a small piece of the silk and tested two
 adhesives. The lower right side is glued with Elmers disappearing purple glue stick. It is holding well and there is absolutely no bleeding of the glue.

Immediately to the left of that, I tried a thin layer of Weldbond (my go-to glue for just about everything). It holds well but there is significant bleeding  which shows up as dark marks on the silk. Something to keep in mind.

Speaking of Weldbond, the bottle that I have is 600 ml (21.5 fl. oz.) which is a bit unwieldy to handle. I transferred some of the glue to the bottle that I bought at Busy Bee a couple weeks ago. Not only is the bottle easier to handle, the nozzle opening is quite small and it dispenses a smaller amount of glue. Very pleased with it!

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