Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! Bottles and glasses

Our friend, Lorry, gets a lot of the miniature magazines and when she has read them, she puts them in a "book bag" and passes them on to Joanne. Every once in awhile, Joanne and I get together and spend the afternoon reading the magazines and visiting. So that's how we started the New Year! Just curled up in her living room with the magazines.

Then she mentioned that she had several strings of small Christmas lights that were no longer working. We sat and pulled out the bulbs and separated those we could.

Lower right: If you cut off the prongs on the bottom, you would have a nice little 1/4 plant pot.

Left: this batch of bulbs has a flat piece built into the bulb so it'll take some thinking to get around that. Middle: all the bulbs from the other type. Right: The bases from all the second type of bulb.

These are glass pieces so have to give more thought as to what to do with them. Have some ideas but I'll have to dig some out of my own stash and experiment.

There are textured plastic bulbs out there that make great bottles and glasses. Joann Swanson has an incredible tutorial on her blog using those bulbs plus Lite Brite pegs and plexiglass rods. As always, Joann's tutorials are wonderful and SO well-written.

We had a lovely dinner of turkey soup and pizza for dinner. It was a wonderful day!

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