Monday, January 5, 2015

Grandpa's Dollhouse Daily Deal

One of the pleasures of my life was meeting Liz of Grandpa's Dollhouse in Ontario. In the years since we first met, I've ordered from her with great success.

A few years ago, Liz began a sale to get us out of the January doldrums. It's called the Daily Deal and is an incredible offering of miniatures at prices you won't believe!

All the information on the Daily Deals can be found here. You can sign up there to be notified as deals come up. I'd certainly suggest that you do so.

If you're looking to upgrade some of your pieces or just get some wonderful small items, this is the place to go.

I just bought four Bespaq chairs for less than half price; a retro dining room set for $11.99 (half price); and two Aquafina water bottles for $1.79.

If you live in the Edmonton area, I'd welcome you to order from Liz and tell her to send your order to me! We've had a 'grand opening' luncheon at my place (in St. Albert) for a couple years. You don't have to attend the luncheon BUT you can get a break on shipping.

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