Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Change of Pace

Was out Saturday afternoon (had dim sum for the first time, then visited the Muttart Conservatory for an early Chinese New Year celebration and fireworks). When I got home, had to help deal with an emergency in the condo so did not do any mini-ing.

Today (Sunday), I decided I had had enough of cleaning and sorting and needed to make something so I decided to start dressing the bed.

The bed is from the Reallife Miniatures bedroom kit set.

The mattress:

The fabric I am using to cover the mattress is actually a paper towel (one of a couple I took from a washroom a while back). It has very much the texture and weight of sewing pellon interfacing. For the top of the mattress, I first cut a piece of the towel to size so the top would have two layers of white to cover the colour of the foam.
Then I took a strip about an inch longer than the total of twice the length and depth of the mattress and the width of the mattress plus twice the depth plus about half an inch. I began by wrapping it as below and gluing the overlap.

 The mattress is a tight fit in the bedframe so I wanted to remove as much excess fabric as I could. I trimmed along the depth and bottom of the mattress on both sides.
I folded the remaining pieces up the sides of the mattress, ironed a crease for the bottom fold then glued and pinned those pieces to the bottom of the mattress.

 I folded the remaining flap around the corner:
 Clipped the excess fabric
 And glued it in place.

 Fits perfectly!
 I cut a top sheet from the same fabric, cutting out the bottom corners. The top has been folded back and a strip of lace (painted with a green Sharpie) glued to that.
 The top sheet was pinned to a piece of green silk. The silk was cut to size but not cutting out the corner pieces. I did, however, make a vertical cut up along the cut sheet.
 Oops! Missed a couple pictures here. I took the green silk and put it on top of the sheet, fitting the top of the silk under the folded down portion of the sheet. Then I pinned this on the mattress. The clipped corner of the sheet was folded in against the end of the mattress and the end piece folded over that and pinned in place.

I had this box pleated lace in my stash so glued it to the bed rails and held it in place with binder clips for a bedskirt:

Here is the bed so far:

Still not sure just how I will finish the top of the bed. The top will be just plain white fabric and I have lots of the box pleated lace to use on the top rails. May just stop at that.....or maybe I will try making hangings from this pleated fabric that was a collar on a blouse I got at the thrift store:

I have quite a bit of running around to do on Monday so may not get much of anything done until Tuesday.


  1. A Very Clean and neat job of dressing the mattress and making the top sheet Maureen. I also like how you have used the binder clips to hold it all in place. A good idea and saves everything sticking to the fingers and/ or shifting. Beautiful finish!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. I really like using the binder clips...
      Hugs, Maureen