Saturday, December 13, 2014

Potluck Dinner

Once a month a group of us in the condo get together for a potluck dinner. You don't sign up for it: you just show up with an entree, salad or dessert and a looney to help pay for coffee. Sounds a bit chancy, doesn't it? But somehow, it has all worked out.

There was a bit of money in the kitty for a turkey so everyone who had attended since we started in September was contacted and this one time people were given specific things to bring.

We ended up with an incredible menu - WAY too much food - but a delicious meal and even leftover turkey to take home. (I love turkey sandwiches.)

Most of us also belong to the condo coffee club which has a luncheon with a gift exchange next week so we decided to forego a gift exchange.

I'm trying to downsize some of my minis so I decided I would donate a Christmas scene I made years ago for a draw. It has a false wall in the back with a scene outside the window.

The rough edge of the foamcore frame was visible...

so I found some ribbon that would cover it.

The top of the box.
The chair in the room was the first upholstered piece of furniture I ever made (probably 25 - 30 years ago). It's the wing chair from p. 62 of Joan McElroy's Dolls' House Furniture Book. Just wanted to make sure I had some pictures of it.

At the end of the evening, I made the draw and my friend, Jeanne, won it! You may recall that Jeanne is the great aunt of the two young people who sometimes come and make miniatures with me.

We all had a bit of a giggle because Jeanne had kidded about taking out all other names and threatening to replace them with hers! But she did win it honestly and I'm so pleased it went to a good home.

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