Saturday, December 13, 2014

Morning with Joanne

Our club project this year is Joann Swanson's Magazin de Fleur from the March and April, 2008, issues of Miniature Collector. I'm not doing it myself but friend Joanne is doing it to have a place for all the flowers in her stash (which is on a par with my own LOL).

Joanne had had problems with building the inner box of the project so she got some extra bookboard and voluntold me to help with it. (Actually, that's not entirely true - I did volunteer - but I love that word!) Bookboard is great but it does take a certain amount of strength to cut and Joanne doesn't have that at the moment.

So she came over Friday morning and we had a wonderful time together while I cut the pieces required and we glued it together. Only got the one picture:
Getting ready to glue the back on...
but we got it done and had a good visit while we waited for the glue to dry.

Years ago, Vern bought me this wonderful tool for holding items at right angles while the glue dried. I've tried to find at least one more (and preferably 3 more) but have had no luck. Joanne and I decided we'd try Princess Auto (where it was originally purchased) sometime in the future.

We made plans to do some shopping then I remembered I had to be here to deliver keys to our cleaning staff. How disappointing!

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