Friday, December 12, 2014

MEE Christmas Party

You must have thought I dropped off the face of the earth. I had good intentions. The Christmas party was on December 2 and I downloaded all the pictures on December 3. BUT in Windows 8, you can't do anything with pictures except look at them. So I had to download Windows 8.1 which took about three hours including 130-odd updates.

Then life in general kept interfering and I'm just now finding/making the time to tell you about it.

We started arriving at the church shortly after 6, set up and visited until about 6:45.

June putting some last minute touches on a gingerbread house from the Quarter Scale Houseparty in Portland.

Three trees and ornaments for the Christmas tree draw.

Barb S. brought in this wonderful Christmas display.

Closeup of the table in Barb's display.
 Each member brings an appetizer or dessert. LOTS of wonderful food!
Some of the food.

Some of the desserts.
 We had a good turn out.

During the meal, Joanne and Sunni entered us with readings and jokes. Then Joanne, Sunni, Barb R., Lorry S. and I sang a special song for the group. Didn't get a picture but you can check the song out on YouTube.

After that, we took our gifts and chairs and formed a circle. While Joanne read a version of A Visit from St. Nicholas, we passed gifts left and right until the poem ended. Then we had a ball opening our gifts

Joanne read Pippin the Christmas Pig to us. She capped the evening by telling the Wee Wee Chu joke with Barb R. Sunni and I joining in the punch line.

Some of the wonderful gifts that were exchanged:

from June K.

Teresa received this from Joanne R.

Lorry S. made this little birdhouse.

Marg W. painted this!

Tina MacD. was working with decals.

Barb S. made these wonderful Christmas ornaments (by Arnold Volker). Exquisite painting!

Carol K. made these lovely tooled leather pieces at Castine! (I'm SO envious.)
It was a lovely evening and got us in a holiday mood!

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