Friday, November 21, 2014

SO tired...

I'm so tired and frustrated. My cold still hasn't cleared up entirely! Don't feel really sick but have absolutely NO energy!

Joanne and I went out yesterday - my first trip after I returned from Ontario!

We went to Lee Valley first. Didn't find anything for myself but found these wonderful containers for DD Leanne for her students:

These are the caps of mailing tubes! They were only 5 cents each and I thought the students could use them for painting, sorting, whatever... 
That would also work for miniatures.

This is just a miniature hint.

Joanne and I also went to Dollarama where I found these wonderful muffin cups! (24 for $1.25)

Here is one draped over a styrofoam cup!
 Then I marked the lowest mark on the styrofoam cup:
 Then I cut a strip of paper the width of that distance between the end of the muffin cup and the edge of the cup.

 Measured it around the circumfirance of the cup then cut it off with a straight blade.
Tested it again!
Glued around the bottom of the cup...
Set the cup into the muffin cup...
Touched a bit of glue to the middle of the longest point on the muffin cup then clipped it in place with a bobby pin.
Followed it around with gluing the longest point of each point of the muffin piece to the cup and holding it in place with a bobby pin.
Let it dry...
It's wonderful! But am not too sure what I will end up doing with it!

I did, however, buy one other package of the cupcake papers for Sunni to use next September for the Children's Table at our Show and Sale!

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