Saturday, November 8, 2014

Peterborough and Bowmanville Show and Sale

One of my joys is travelling to Peterborough to spend Hallowe'en with my grandchildren. This year was even more special. After I had booked my flight, I got a message from DS Sean to call him at work as "something had come up". As Grandma's will, I immediately went into panic mode LOL. As it happened, DGS Jonah and DGD Holly had chosen to be baptized in the Catholic Church and I changed my flight to be there for Sunday, October 26 for the big day. 

Arrived in Peterborough on Saturday in time to help judge the pumpkin carving contest at Sean and Julie's, then attended the baptism Sunday afternoon and an incredible family dinner on Sunday. Spend the rest of the week visiting with Sean, Julie, Jonah and Holly.

On Sunday, November 2, went to Bowmanville for the mini sale. Wonderful dealers and had a great time meeting up with Dale of Petite Images; Fa y L. (belated Happy Birthday, Fay); our own Liz West; and Patricia S. whom I knew from CMHH. Made my day!

Especially enjoyed seeing Liz. She has done some incredible new things since last year and I bought some wonderful 1:48 landscaping items from her.

I bought these kitchen pieces from a dealer at Bowmanville for $31.

Got this for $5.00. It will go in the bath/bed/sitting room with a green silk cover.

Couldn't resist this! It's a salt and pepper from the CNE.
 Take out the S&P drawers and the sewing machine  comes up.

It's just one of those wonderful pieces that you just have to have!

Couple of pillows that came from the dealer with the  kitchen cupboards.

These incredible landscaping pieces are from Liz West! In 1:48 scale, they are meant for my friend, Joanne R.

I bought these for my Secret Garden (to be done one of these days) along with two pair of shoes for my friend Barb R.

When I arrived home, this was on my counter. My DS Carol and her DH had spend a night on their way to Phoenix AZ in my place while I was away and she left this wonderful gift for me!
I showed it to my friend, Pamela, after I arrived home. She asked about it and I found the instructions on the internet for her.

Arrived home Tuesday night then Wednesday night had a razor-blade sore throat. Throat was better this morning (Saturday) and have caught up with everything in the condo so hope to get caught up with everything else in the next couple days.

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