Friday, November 28, 2014

Not quite what I had planned...

but the right thing to do. LOL

When I finished making the little tables, I was tempted to put the box and bulletin board away and leave it at that. But after thinking about it, decided that the right thing would be to empty the box and put everything on the Christmas bulletin board. Took awhile and had to cram some things together but did get it done!

Glad to have that done but it leads me to think that my next project should be to bring out all the bulletin boards and sort through the three KIS boxes of miniatures that haven't been sorted yet. (Most everything is bagged but it's still a big project.) Would be wonderful to get it done but it's such a time-consuming pain in the butt.

My friend and neighbour, Pamela, has been after me to "Christmas" the hanging on my door. There is no room for a Christmas tree so my first thought was to hang greenery along the front of the fireplace. Tried that and wasn't overly pleased so just hung a wreath there.

I absolutely LOVE this hanging which was made by Joyce Buchanan who passed away last year. It's magnificent and I've actually had some people be annoyed when I open the door because they're still busy checking things out. BUT I have to be honest with people and tell them that I didn't make it ALTHOUGH I do miniatures. One of these days I have to make something of my own to hang on the door. (That's a LONG way down on the list though!)

We are in the middle of a humongous snow storm! And it is COLD! Right now it's -25 C. (about -12 F.) I have a 15" drift of snow on the balcony! Should warm up (a bit) by Monday.

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