Saturday, October 11, 2014

Walls and floors are in

Before I get to that, I looked at the bed I had made previously (Real Life kit, I think) and the canopy had slipped in one corner so had to reglue that properly.

Used a binder clip to hold the canopy in place while the glue dried.
Walked over the Quiltessentials Wednesday morning and got a metre of Fusi-Bond: Lite (lightweight iron-on double-sided adhesive) for $3.85.

Wednesday afternoon I had two STARFest meetings at the library. While I was there, I picked up two books by Ian Hamilton who is our first guest author. When I got home I started reading one of them, then had a condo board meeting.

But back to minis...

I cut cardboard the size of the back wall then cut a piece of Fusi-Bond 1/4" wider than the cardboard all the way around.

Then I carefully ironed the Fusi-Bond to the wrong side of the wall fabric and trimmed the fabric to the edge of the Fusi-Bond.

Pulled the backing of the Fusi-Bond  

Ironed the fabric to the cardboard backing, making sure to line up the stripes with the cardboard and leaving 1/4" all the way around.

Very carefully ironed the extra fabric on to the back of the cardboard.

The back wall in place.

Followed the same procedure to prepare the side walls then used double-sided tape to put the wallcovering in place.

Still have to decide if I'm going to put connecting (faux) doors between the rooms.

Leanne is picking me up tomorrow and we're going shopping then to their place for dinner and a sleep-over.

With my next post, I hope to try some furniture placements, etc.

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