Friday, October 3, 2014

The Book 2 - very non-mini - skip if you like

This year's book is probably the largest I've ever done - about 160 pages. I've learned in the past that I can only collate maybe 2" at a time then my back starts to hurt so I collate for awhile then rest for awhile. (Because I save all the files as .pdf I can't print the entire book by printing the folder and asking for collated.)

About 2/3 of the way through...

Six books ready to bind...
I love my binding machine (I've used it enough that it doesn't owe me anything) BUT it only punches about 20 - 25 pages at a time AND the handle that controls it broke some time ago so I have to use pliers to work the binding portion - not great fun. (GBC is a great company but I've never been able to get a response from them in this regard.)

So it's a very slow process to get all 15 books done. I only have to finish and gift-wrap two by tomorrow afternoon so I'll try to get them all done but will depend on the two that have to go home with Marie. (And, of course, wrapping them which means I have to go into my storage cage downstairs to get my Christmas wrapping paper.)

An interesting note: A neighbour who receives my blog phoned me tonight and said, "I got your blog so I knew you were home." As it turned out, I was. But I had to tell her that I have no control over when my blog is sent out to followers. That particular blog had, in fact, been posted about 20 hours before it appeared in her inbox. Just thought I'd mention it.

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