Monday, October 13, 2014

Thanksgiving, possibilities!

Spent yesterday and today with DD Leanne. Absolutely wonderful time! Got some wonderful shopping/looking time in. Had a great chicken dinner at her place and took food over to my Mom's tonight so sort of shared Thanksgiving with her also.

Back to minis:

I have a couple sinks for the bathroom...but I want one with a cupboard below I took this Michael's hutch and separated the top from the bottom with the heat from my hair dryer...

So here is the cabinet...

This is with a half table tennis ball (too big)...

This is with a half golf ball ice cube ball...size is good.

Have to think about this. Like the cabinet because I want space underneath. Curious as to how to put the green marble top on it. Needs to be done in a white enamel.

Here are some of the possibilities for the bathroom:

The tub needs to be set in the green marble. On the right of the room is the original closet that I had planned when I was working with just one needs to be shortened.

The bedroom: Already have tons of white furniture to go into it. And not enough room for everything!

The sitting room: Once again, too many possibilities. Do have some wonderful green silk for cushions on the  pieces in the room and possibly on the corner chairs. Think this room can be reached from the hall so don't have to worry about a door. There are the two possible writing desks on the the Davenport desk to the right (a Penny Spence piece - beautiful work). Just discovered another incredibly beautiful desk that would work.

Have to think about it all....

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