Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bits and Pieces...

Finished 15 copies of "The Book"...think it's the best ever, and it's certainly the thickest at roughly 160 pages.

Have cut the cardboard for the back wall of the bedroom. Found some fusible material to attach the fabric but it was stuffed in a bag and can't exactly iron it flat. LOL. I did put in under some heavy books which helped a bit.

Started to iron out the back wall fabric but the iron wasn't hot enough so will have to do again.

Will deal with that tomorrow...

Took a spackle spreader and pried the corner pieces off the clock face.

Got them off. They're wonderful but don't know what I'll end up doing with them.

Hint from Joanne: Keep narrow tools in your toolbox in toothbrush holders from Dollarama. They're shown here with X-Acto knives but you can use them for tweezers, emery boards, just about anything long and thin.

Another Hint From Me: When I'm storing X-Acto knives, I like to reverse the blade and store it point down in the holder. While there is still a portion of the blade showing, the point is at least covered.

I have coffee club and a condo board meeting tomorrow so don't know how much mini-ing I will get done. Just realized tonight that Quiltessentials (the quilt shop just down the street) should carry the fusible material I need so may get a chance to run over there and get enough to finish the bedroom.

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