Monday, September 8, 2014

So much to catch up on....

Barb asked me to mini with her on Saturday afternoon but I had started cleaning and was on a roll so had to say 'no'.

Was glad I did because Sunday morning I got a call from sister Carol saying she was coming out for a day. She arrived early afternoon and she, Shirley and I spent the afternoon at Mom's having a most marvellous visit. She had brought a supply of fresh vegetables out for Mom so we had a lovely evening meal.

I don't know if I mentioned this here although I did mention it in The Camp Show and Tell. In 1941, my Dad, who was in the Canadian Army at the time and was training at Kananaskis, was photographed shaving in the mirror of his motorcycle. The picture was published in the Star Weekly and although we all knew about it, none of us had ever seen it!

Earlier this year, a man from our home town bought a copy of the picture on e-Bay and tracked down sister Carol through an old family friend and gifted her with the picture. Carol had copies made (and framed) for all of us. She gave Mom, Shirley and me our copies on Sunday.

What a wonderful gift!

Carol spent the night with me so I was able to show her the Quilt Shop that I made for her:

She was very impressed! She doesn't get to keep it, however, until after our Show and Sale on September 21. But sister Marie is coming out on October 7 and will take it up to Carol then. But I did give her a picture of it to take home and show off to the Quilt Guild.

We had a wonderful evening and morning visiting then she headed home this afternoon.

We had one heck of a shock this morning when we woke up to SNOW!!!! It pretty much melted as it hit the ground but it kept up until mid-afternoon. Temperatures are supposed to be in the low 20s C. by the weekend but it was a bit of a shock.

Joanne left for Washington, D.C. this morning so I'm wondering if she saw the snow on her way to the airport. At least, she'll certainly get warmer weather there. Happy Birthday, Joanne! And have a wonderful holiday!

So the past three days were pretty busy and exciting......BUT tonight I had a wonderful surprise!!!!

But that will be in a separate post!

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