Sunday, September 21, 2014

Show and Sale purchases

I (as always) told myself I will buy nothing that isn't related to a project I'm working on.

This time, I think I met that self-imposed restriction!

My next project (I think) will be doing the three-room roombox as a lady's bathroom, bedroom, and sitting room.

With that in mind, I bought this wonderful electrified chandelier from Hoany Yong for the sitting room;

 and these great sconces (also from Hoanie) for the bathroom.
 Think these beautiful roses will go in the sitting room or, possibly the bedroom:
 Maybe in a cabinet in the sitting room (only $1.00 so if it remains in my stash, not a problem)
 Sweater and skirt and (wedding) dress for the closet - only $5 each
 Well, I guess these were a bit off-topic but all four packages were only $14 total and I can make great furniture from them! (Great furniture legs by 7202 - the others will take some thinking.)
 I'm hoping that these two fixtures will provide enough light to the music room that I can finish it! Battery operated lights from Alex at Miniland.

 Jennifer from Little Day Miniatures gifted me with this beautiful basket of breads (loose, so I can use them in various scenes). Beautiful! And thank you, Jennifer.

 A pack of flower-making wire from Connie Stitt that I may be able to use in my Secret Garden.
 (Giggle, Giggle!) These are towels from the washroom near the sales floor. They are much like the light/medium weight pellon used for sewing. Couldn't resist!

Had to resist two things...and it was not easy! Lilliana had a beautiful standing filled jewellery case (might even have been Bespaq) for only $55. But I'm planning on doing the room in whites and greens - and this was managed to resist.  Another World had a cabinet in cream that would have been great for the sitting room - but needed white!

Luba (by Karen) had a beautiful bedroom set done in the absolute shade of green I want for the rooms I'm doing but it was going into someone else's sale bag when I spotted it. Of two minds, would have been great/perfect but on the other hand, I really prefer to do things myself. So I guess in the long run, it was best.


  1. Hi Maureen! Well done! I admire your resolute steadfastness in the face of true mini temptations! The items that you Did succumb to, were well worth it and I think that you came home with some really neat stuff, especially the wonderful lighting and the lovely bread basket.
    I can see some fresh mini-ing coming very soon. :))


    1. (Giggle) I thought I would have an actual mini to blog about yesterday but ran into a snag :-( . Hope to get some mini-ing done soon!

  2. Gosh, you acquired some awesome mini items. You made smart choices, lol.

    1. Thanks, Brini. Pleased with what I got.