Saturday, September 27, 2014

Quick repair, bathroom floor, Doll show tomorrow

Went to Rona today and got the iron on wood edge banding that I'm going to use for the sitting room floor, some Polyfilla Big Hole repair spackling that Carol K. suggested, and found an LED strip lighting kit for the music room.  More on those things in upcoming days.

The plastic strip that guides the plexiglass fronts in the three-room roombox had come down so first order of business today was to re-glue it and clamp it in place.

My first idea, as I mentioned before, was to cover the pink with a green marker. That didn't work well. The pink paint isn't exactly on the diamond shape so it was difficult to cover properly.

First I tried nail polish remover on the pink but that didn't work very well. So I decided to take a straight razor blade and scrape off the pink paint. Worked beautifully but was slower than molasses in January...but with 294 pink spots to remove that was going to take hours....

So I tried the nail polish remover again (making sure that I used the one with acetone as the first ingredient). This still takes awhile but is much faster than scraping. I've done about a third of it but I'm going to let it completely dry tonight and see how it looks tomorrow.

Joanne, Lorry and I are working the noon till two shift on the club's table at the Doll Show tomorrow. Found a couple mini things there last year but I'm hoping the guy with the Lego kits will be back again this year so I can get Lego for Jonah and Holly for their birthdays and Christmas.

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