Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New project

Since the pocket watch project was put on hold, I had to get working on something else.

About four years ago, I started collecting for a bedroom roombox done in white and green. It got shoved on a back burner (as so many of my projects do) but occasionally I would add something to the collection.

This spring, I bought some display roomboxes from Jane and Paul's estate. Two are three roomboxes wide and the other is four roomboxes wide. Each one is 4' long. I love them but didn't really have any vision for their use.

Then, I thought it would be interesting to take one of the three room roomboxes and incorporate that original plan into it: a bathroom/dressing room/closet, bedroom and a sitting room.

So that's where I'll be heading with this project.

I dragged out one of the three room roomboxes, all the things from the original box and added some things I thought might work in the additional rooms. Went through some of my fabric and added other things I thought might work.

Far left will be the bathroom. I have two possible home-made bathtubs both of which are really big soakers. One is from a Hormel dinner container that I simply cannot find at the moment ;-( .

Think I'll try to put a walk-in closet at the divider for that room...still thinking that out.

The middle room will be the bedroom itself. So far I have several white pieces of furniture for that room. And I have some kits that I'll do in white.

The sitting room on the right will have stained wooden furniture. I'd like to continue the white theme but some of the furniture is so great that I just don't want to paint it.

So much to do. One of the problems with doing three rooms at once is that you almost have to finish the rooms as far as carpetting, wall coverings, etc. before anything else happens permanently.

My biggest "stall" moment on this project is finishing the bed so I think that that may be the first things that I tackle.

So hopefully I'll do that tomorrow and actually get started.


  1. Este nuevo proyecto se adivina maravilloso,no puedo esperar a ver los avances!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much Pilar. I'm also enthusastic about how it all works out!

  2. This project looks to be very interesting Maureen. Will you be mounting this unit on the wall, later?


    1. Haven't decided what I'll do with it yet. These days I'm so slow it could be quite awhile before I have to worry about what I'll do with it. LOL