Monday, September 29, 2014

How NOT to do miniatures...

The nail polish remover fiasco was bad enough....then I fouled up the wood flooring...not irreparable, fortunately.

I sanded down the wood floor then discovered a few problems with it so re-heated the iron and moved some pieces closer together and sanded again. When I bought the edge binding on Saturday, there was a can of MinWax wood wax but it was $10+ so decided not to get it. The neutral shoe polish that I used on the floor of the Bombay House had dried out but I found some Turtle Wax and decided to try that. Don't do it! It was a disaster (wouldn't have been if I had wanted a - can't recall the term for it - finish with white notes to it)!

So back with the sandpaper again. Resanded the wood floor again, and again, and again. Not quite back to where I started but I'll live with it.

I used Duck double-sided carpet tape to secure the bathroom flooring and wallpaper.

Sorry I didn't take pictures but will do that when I install the wood floor and the wallpaper in the sitting room.

While I like YES glue for installing wallpaper (and it allows you to move the paper around a bit), I really like double-sided tape. For one thing, if you want to change wallpaper later, it's a lot easier to make the change with the tape.


  1. I use to have Real Life floors that were this color Maureen and they were called "pickled". I believe that you have discovered a great finish for those who might be wanting this for a Mini beach house or something shabby chic! Brava! :D


    1. That's the word I was looking for! Love how you took my lemon and turned it into lemonade...what a great attitude.