Monday, September 8, 2014

Christmas in September!

Through this blog, I've been extremely fortunate to meet, among others, Sus from Denmark. We've been corresponding for quite a while. Months ago, I sent her a package of various items from my stash and tonight I was very pleasantly surprised when Canada Post announced I had a package.

And what a package!

 The beautiful vase of flowers came with this lovely note: "Dear Maureen, I can't give or send you flowers, so this is what I did instead. Hugs, Sus" This beautiful picture of Copenhagen is a sculptured picture. The middle piece is a copy of the of the Hans Christian Andersen mermaid that sits in the harbour of Copenhagen. Next to that are two silver ducks with scarves. (A popular gift to the baby on Christening day to save money - the scarf identifies the sex of the child.) Then a lovely tall vase with a glass flower that came in a box that has possibilities in itself.

Those were the specifically Danish gifts which would have been enough in themselves!

Glass head pins (Sus suggested the holder could become a table top - what a great idea!); beads, jewelery findings; contact lens containers (great as holders for glue - let it dry out and wipe out); lot of aquarium bead; wonderful folded shirt and tie; some beads; wonderful plastic animals (the polar bear is one I already have in my art gallery); wooden buttons that can be used as wall decorations in a nursery; these are the plastic bulbs that can be cut into bottles (thrilled to have them; the rest are self-explanatory)
 An incredible collection of charms, beads, and other beautiful things; a package of bamboo skewers; some angels and other things; some tooled toothpicks; a bead; a bone folder (for defining folds) WONDERFUL didn't have one before; gold/silver pens; a string of leaves; and (be still, my heart) quilling paper and, not one, but two, quilling tools!

These wonderful little glass ornaments! The penguin is exactly 1" tall. Great fun!

Thank you, Sus! What an incredibly great gift!

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  1. You`re welcome, dear friend.
    Look in your mailbox, I`ve sent you the DIY`s you might want to use, fx for the pinwheel for a table and more.
    Have fun.

    Big hugs from Denmark