Friday, July 18, 2014


Leanne and I went to "Taste of Edmonton" this afternoon and it was absolutely great!

We stopped at Kingsway Shopping Centre on the way home - interesting as we hadn't been there in a couple years.

When I got home, I looked after a couple condo board things....

Then I tackled the workroom.....

About 9 p.m., I was just about to give up, but I kept going and got everything done....except the final paper shredding and vacuuming. Those will have to wait until tomorrow...........


  1. Looks very organized and very tidy Maureen. It is satisfying feeling cleaning up our surroundings, isn't it? Keeping it this way will be the next challenge.
    enjoy a job well done!:))


  2. Thanks Elizabeth. As you say, keeping it that way is indeed the next challenge! Hope to get the big basket of 'things' put on the bulletin boards (huge job) and hopefully start work on my UFOs - which, of course, is the whole idea!
    Hugs, Maureen