Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I'm back...

Sorry I haven't been around for the past five weeks. Got back from New York - which was fabulous, by the way, and just couldn't seem to get my act together. Mostly because my workroom was such a mess that working in it was impossible...and cleaning it was so overwhelming that I just didn't know where to start.

Picked up this wonderful wire drum kit from a street vendor for only $15. It's in 1:12 scale and I fell in love with it!

These are Frank Lloyd Wright pieces - originally bookmarks.

I spent the first day home at Leanne and Rob's as we had tickets to Footsloose at Jubilations dinner theatre (a Christmas gift from Sean and Julie). Lovely meal and a fun evening!

While I was at Leanne's, I took this picture of her award! She is one terrific woman!

Since then I have read a lot of books, including Diana Gabaldon's latest. That took two days and Leanne was surprised at that - she thought it should have taken me one!

BUT today was for minis!!!!

It has been incredibly warm so I invited Joanne over to work on her bookmobile. My own original intention was to work on my music room since there wasn't a great deal of work to do on it. Then I decided that it was more important to get my workroom organized so that was my focus for the day.

When Joanne arrived, we did spend some time on the music room. We tried to put the drum kit in the room but it just didn't work! We even tried it with the spinet instead of the grand piano - not good. There were (aren't there always?) pieces that just HAD to go in it and some that could be eliminated.

(Didn't think to take pictures of all the other combinations but this is basically what we ended up with:

Have some artwork to put on the walls but think it's coming together.

Was really tempted to work on it but the workroom HAD to be done so while Joanne worked on her bookmobile in the living room, I tackled it.

This is the mess:


This is what I ended with at 4 p.m.

 All these items need to be put on my bulletin boards.

So tomorrow, I'll try to get going again and finish at least the workroom itself - then on Friday I'll try to get the bulletin boards done.

Joanne was so pleased that she got the windows done today. 

The window frames were done with aluminum tape (used for HVAC and available at most hardware stores). As Joanne was doing them, she decided that she wanted a fly between the window panes. We fooled around a bit with a piece of black thread then decided to print the fly on a piece of transparency. And that worked SO well!

You can see the fly here.......Isn't it great?

Joanne is coming back tomorrow to work on the bookmobile shelves while I finish the workroom.

Hopefully, you'll see the clean workroom then!