Friday, July 25, 2014

Coleman lamp

In some of the items from Bonnie Maio's estate, Maureen M. found a great little Coleman lamp that Bonnie had designed. She gathered the materials for it and put together kits for the club.

One thing that presented a problem was the "glass" for the lantern. Shortly after Maureen and I discussed the lantern, Joanne and I were in Lee Valley and I found these plastic tubes.

I had some dowling that just fit inside the tube so I measured off the height for the pieces

Then used my handy-dandy tube cutter from Canadian Tire

And cut enough pieces for each of the kits.


Three 9/16" grommets
One 5/8" tall wooden spool
One round bead
One oval bead about 1/4" long (we used a bulb off a string of plastic Christmas lights)
One 5/8" piece of tubing
Coleman label

Dark green paint
White paint

Glue one grommet to each end of the wooden spool.

Glue the round bead in the third grommet

And paint both pieces green (I used Americana Leaf Green.)

Paint the bulb white.

Glue the bulb to the bottom of the round bead. I propped in  on top of the tubing until the glue dried.

Glue on the Coleman label.

Glue the tubing between the two pieces.

I gave the paint a coat of Americana DuraClear satin varnish.

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