Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Some more questions and answers

My March 24 post raised a couple more questions that I'll answer here.

What happened to the Arthur It went through a lot of changes over the years, including several years spent at school as a teaching aid in a French classroom. A few years ago I finished re-doing it as a Christmas house for Leanne. That December she picked it up to take to her kindergarten classroom for Christmas. While it was still in the van, the van was broken into and all the Christmas gifts we were sending to Ontario were stolen. But the house wasn't touched! Although it's now Leanne's, it still sits in my workroom.

I didn't see a doll house. I've had several houses over the years but now have only two. I've had the Beacon Hill and the Pierce by Greenleaf that I bought pretty much finished and resold in much the same shape as I bought them. I had a front opening English dollhouse that my brother in law found at a garage sale but I recently gave that away.

The two remaining are my Bombay house and my Costco house which sit on a "street" in the dining room. I have (someday) plans to renovate the kitchen of the Bombay house and add a deck with a hot tub. It's completely wired  with 15 lights but I haven't framed the windows and inside doors yet - and there are no curtains. The Costco house is not wired but it's pretty much finished.

Although the Bombay house is not large, the rooms are a great size for decorating.

Do you only like to make roomboxes? The Bombay house has given me a lot of pleasure to decorate but I prefer roomboxes as I can concentrate on just one area and not have to do rooms just because they're part of a  house. The other reason is that the rooms are so small in most dollhouses (especially Greenleaf houses) that you're really limited in amount of furniture and its placement.

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