Friday, April 18, 2014

Oh, a book!

Thought this was amusing in view of my last post of the cartoon from Cheryl. Although this one is  different from the usual book that sidetracks me.

Megan and Carter, the young people who are coming on Tuesday to do a project with me were quite taken with the miniature books that I gave them the last time they visited. I had told them that if they wrote up their trip to France last September and sent me pictures, I would make a miniature book about the trip for them. Their mother sent the information to me this afternoon so I finished some book kits for them.

I put one of the kits together to show the book to their great-aunt and when I took it up to her, she gave me some pizza props she had saved for me.

I like this pizza prop. It's different from the ones I have on hand.

Still collecting a variety of things from my stash for them to choose from to make a vignette.

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