Sunday, April 6, 2014

Odds and Ends

Oh, my, over a week has passed since I started this post. Real life just caught up with me and I didn't have a chance to finish it.

I was just thrilled when Brini was inspired by Jillian's guest spot.

Joanne took me to the Duchess bake shop for lunch on Friday. Oh , my, what a lovely lunch!

She also gave me this wonderful gift box of odds and ends:

After lunch, we went to the Dollarama at Westmount Shopping Centre.

This is a good/big Dollarama so I was devastated that on our first pass through it, the only possible mini we found (and I didn't even spot it - Joanne did) was the "rubber duckies" push pins.

TIP: Heat the 'pin' with a lighter or match and pull it out from the item.

As I did another pass through later, I found this wonderful 9 3/4" glass turntable for only $3. Great for displaying smaller miniatures from all sides.

I spent last night at Leanne and Rob's then this morning Leanne and I did the BIG reorganization/cleaning of a couple rooms.

Rob had three weeks off and repainted the master bedroom/Leanne's office/the spare room.  As well, he totally re-shelved all the closets in those three rooms.

They had done the master bedroom BUT all the "stuff" from Leanne's office and the spare room had to be dealt with.

I need someone like me to stand over me as I did with Leanne and "crack  the whip" and say "once you touch something, it has to be put away IN ITS PLACE!!! "

Almost hate to admit that that we whipped those two rooms into shape in about three hours!

Now I just need that kind of incentive to get the work done in my rooms!


  1. I need someone to whip me into shape too! love the ducks I'll keep an eye out for them at my local dollar store :)


  2. One thing that helps me stay on task is setting a timer for a set period of time (usually 15 or 30 minutes) and going at it until the timer rings. Then a quick break, then set the timer again. That plus keeping away from the computer and putting on music rather than the TV. LOL