Tuesday, April 8, 2014

bit of a catch up...

When we were cleaning at Leanne's, got a couple things:

These very sturdy wire hangers (bit bigger than usual) will be great for hanging paper and/or carpet pieces in  the closet.

Display case 7" w x 15" h x 4 1/2" d Can be hung either vertically or horizontally.
Had another big giveaway at our last club meeting. Nothing that really spoke to me but did get another Michael's hutch for my stash. They're so handy to have available.

My door prize that night was the 1:24 wringer washer (fridge magnet). The wringer swivels and the rollers roll. Too bad I don't work in 1:24.

We had another big giveaway at our workshop last Tuesday. Many of the items were in themed bags and this violin w/case and music stand were in with a piano and other odds and ends. I REALLY wanted the violin for my music room but Jillian's name was drawn before mine and she got it. So I asked if there was anything else she was interested in that I could get when my name was drawn so we could maybe make a deal. So when my name was drawn I got her a John Greer gazebo (beautiful piece) and I traded it for the violin and music stand for the music room. I especially wanted this one because the bow is much finer than others I've seen.

At last week's workshop (a catch-up night), I didn't have anything to take to work on so I took in three of my binders and weeded out a bunch of 'stuff'. Found an envelope of paintings that a friend had sent years ago and I had lost track of - so that was a bonus! and was able to pass on a bunch of old printies and catalogue pages to other club members so it was a win/win situation.

On Friday, some of the ladies who ordered from Liz at Grandpa's Dollhouse are coming for lunch and Show and Tell. Almost all have picked up their orders already but we're still going to have a little get-together. So I have some major cleaning in my future VBG.

My friend, Jeanne's, great-niece and nephew will be coming to town for Easter break and I've promised them a little mini-making session. They went to Europe last fall so I've told them that if they write a little story about their trip and send me a couple pictures, I'll do a miniature book kit for them and hopefully we'll make a little vignette to show the books off. Mulling that over in my mind.

So I probably won't get getting much mini-ing or posting done for awhile - unless I get the workroom clean enough to show you. Like that's going to happen! In my dreams, maybe. VBG

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  1. oh I cant wait to see your workroom, bet mine is worse than your :)